Ken Rimey


  • I am a PhD who enjoys hands-on software development and has substantial experience managing talented professionals. My recent activities have focused on highly scalable decentralized systems, cloud computing, and data synchronization. I also have long-standing interests in image processing and nontraditional user interface technologies. Much of my recent work has been with the Python programming language, but I have experience with many others too.


  • Google, New York. Senior Software Engineer, 8/2013 - present.

  • Codento Oy, Helsinki. Senior Software Engineer, 11/2011 - 7/2013.

    Chief software architect and principal developer of a toolkit for discovering and analyzing trust relationships based on SSH keys in large enterprises. Assisted with back-end development of a Django-based key management system.

    Analyzed and resolved reliability issues in a scalable mobile service back end based on CouchDB.

    Designed and implemented a RESTful API based on Django-Tastypie for a web application based on a client-side MVC framework and CoffeeScript.

    Assisted a startup in deploying a Ruby on Rails application on Amazon Web Services. Resolved issues in uploading of very large files.

  • Netcycler Oy, Helsinki. Senior Software Architect, 8/2010 - 10/2011.

    Undertook a wide range of back-end development tasks with Google App Engine in Python. Integrated UPS shipping into the Netcycler social Internet service for helping people swap used goods. Developed Netcycler's sell-and-donate feature for Germany and the UK.

  • Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT). Senior Research Scientist, 5/2002 - 7/2010.

    Led the HIIT team on the EU FP6 P2P-Fusion project addressing the legal creative reuse of video on the Internet. Created the Peerscape experimental peer-to-peer social network demonstrating the use of cryptographic techniques to create a decentralized social network based on replicated data.

    Led the HIIT team on the ITEA Services for All (S4ALL) project, where we prototyped numerous tools and applications for mobile phones.

    Led the Personal Distributed Information Store (PDIS) project studying next-generation data synchronization. The project produced an update-anywhere replicated XML database for personal devices, and a variety of related open-source software. It was an important early-access user of Nokia's Python for S60.

  • Perceptual Robotics, Inc., Chicago. R&D Manager, 9/1998 - 6/2000.

    Designed and implemented novel interfaces for controlling pan-tilt-zoom web cameras from Java-enabled browsers. Added support for multicamera geometries, with remote surveying through triangulation. Managed camera deployments in e-commerce and Internet-based marketing for several Fortune 500 companies. Saw the company grow from 8 employees to 35.

  • Nokia Research Center, Helsinki. R&D Manager, 2/1995 - 6/1998.

    Led a hands-on research group investigating new software platforms for network equipment, software architectures for Internet routers, and techniques for achieving high availability in distributed systems. Negotiated major software licensing agreements. Helped formulate the research center's strategic view on the evolution of IP networking.

  • Unda Oy, a Scitex company, Helsinki. Senior Software Engineer, Project Manager, 1/1992 - 11/1994.

    Developed a new software engine on Macintosh and Unix for retouching of color images for offset printing. Developed advanced techniques for multiresolution editing of very large images and fast screen display of CMYK data.

  • Helsinki University of Technology. Acting Associate Professor, 9/1989 - 12/1991.

    Presented courses on computer graphics, operating systems, and compiler construction, as well as seminars on computer algebra and advanced topics in programming language implementation. Launched the Kaava project investigating user-extensible direct-manipulation computer algebra systems. Supervised research in parallel ray tracing and radiosity.

  • University of California, Berkeley. Research Assistant, 2/1985 - 8/1989.

    Designed and implemented a software development environment for use with the Lager silicon compiler in hardware/software codesign of digital signal processors. Developed techniques for generating horizontal microcode.



  • Native English speaker; fluent in Finnish.
  • US citizen.